The conference programme is expected to bring together academics, students, scholars, scientists, engineers, practitioners, authorities, non-state actors and professionals in the field of cultural heritage conservation, as well as those specialising in safety policies and civil protection management.

The conference participants will have the opportunity to present new perspectives on the work in the cultural heritage sector, research results and their specific insights and experiences in the context of heritage management in times of crisis.

The mix of presentations, workshops, panels, plenaries, breakouts and an exhibition of conservation projects is designed to inspire audience participation and collaboration.



The objective of the conference is to explore and consider novel approaches in the field of heritage protection in disaster and emergencies, as well as to highlight the significance of a carefully thought out, integrated and inclusive approach to the protection of cultural heritage.

The conference will also provide a platform for wider professional debate on various aspects of intra- and inter-sectoral cooperation and promote the spirit of cooperation and solidarity between cultural institutions.