Participation options

Participation in the conference is possible through oral virtual presentations, virtual poster presentations and virtual workshops.

Virtual presentation: Presentation should be limited to 15 minutes per paper. Presenters are required to apply by submitting an abstract, while the full papers can be submitted for review and possible publication in conference proceedings.

Virtual poster presentation: An abstract and layout of the poster should be submitted. Please note that posters will be presented at the conference website after completion. Virtual presenters receive regular presentation certificates and their papers are included as regular papers in the programme.

Virtual workshop: May be used to present innovative practices and/or to receive peer feedback. It is intended for those participants who wish to involve other participants in dynamic learning and idea exchange sessions. Presenters should submit an abstract of their workshop. One workshop session is allowed per presenter, and its duration is limited to 45 minutes.

Technical specifications for presentations, poster presentation and workshops will be
communicated at the time of their acceptance.